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The mission of Sea City Work Camp (SCWC) is to spread the word of Jesus Christ through compassion for others and a desire to assist the needy of the community through the gift of service. Through the willing spirits of both young and adult volunteers, SCWC provides a venue where all participants personally witness Christ's commandment to "love one another" while gaining technical experience and leadership skills through the process of mentoring.

Local church youth directors developed the project in 1993 in response to Christ's instructions to love our neighbors, help those in need, and share the good news of Jesus Christ. The founders recognized that repairing the residences of homeowners who have special needs but limited resources was one way to address concern for quality of life and to give families a chance at a new beginning. They also wanted to provide high school youth with a fun-filled summer camp and the opportunity to experience the joy of serving their neighbors, discovering new skills, and growing in self-worth. The experience often changes the lives of youth who participate as they realize the joy that comes from serving others.

Sea City Work Camp is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation.

• Rehabilitate lower income housing
• Serve the homeowners
• Change the neighborhood we serve
• Break down barriers
• Build relationships
• Provide hands-on service experience to high school youth
• Team youth with supervising adults
• Share the good news of Jesus Christ





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